Indenting and stockists :

Coated One Side Papers. (Wet strength and Non Wet strength)

Chromo paper. Gloss and Matt.

This paper is commonly referred to as C1S (coated one side)

In a C1S paper the coating has been applied to only one side of the paper.

Cast Coated Papers.

A high gloss, mirror-like surface, one side or two sides allowing the coating to harden while in contact with chromium polished surfaced coats cast coated paper.

Cast coated paper possess high bulk & high ink absorbing qualities since the mirror like finish is obtained without calendaring. Cast coated paper are the glossiest of all coated paper and used for advertising, graphic board, covers, greeting card, packaging, labels, and where high gloss, bulk & stiffness is required.

Used in Various Industries like :

  • Printing Industries
  • Lamination Industries
  • FlexiPack Industries
  • Wine label
  • Beer label
  • Champagne label
  • Liquor label

Release Liners

A release liner is a paper or plastic-based film sheet (usually applied during the manufacturing process) used to prevent a sticky surface from prematurely adhering. It is coated on one or both sides with a release agent, which provides a release effect against any type of a sticky material such as an adhesive or a mastic. Release liners are available in different colors, with or without printing under the low surface energy coating or on the backside of the liner. Release is separation of the liner from a sticky material; liner is the carrier for the release agent.

SCK Super Calendered Kraft paper, typically used for Labels in the USA

Glassine Is also a SCK paper but typically with a PVOH Polyvinyl alcohol top coat, typically used for Labels in Europe

CCK Clay Coated Kraft paper or also just called coated paper

MFK Machine Finished Kraft paper, which is the paper as it comes from a standard paper machine

MG Machine Glazed paper which is a paper which has been glazed e.g. on a yankee cylinder of a paper machine.

Speciality Papers

Cigarette paper, toilet tissue, Airlaid , greaseproof,carbonless, décor papers, decal papers thermal paper and other industrial grade of papers.