Solid bleached board (SBB / SBS)

SBS is considered as premium grades for packaging and graphical purposes in FMCG Industry (Typically high end personal care and cosmetic brands). Being a 100% virgin fibre board, SBS is preferred choice for food packaging applications like paper cups and liquid packaging. It is made up of bleached chemical pulp coated with mineral or synthetic pigments on top and sometimes on reverse side, thus this coated back makes it well suited for book covers and greeting cards which require back side printing. This grade of paperboard has high brightness, smoothness and superior surface and printing characteristics. It has surface brightness of 90% ISO.

SBS is preferred grade when it comes to purity, good appearance and runnability of packaging material is required.

Folding box board (FBB)

This board comprises middle layers of mechanical pulp sandwiched between layers of bleached chemical pulp. The mechanical pulp at the centre makes the board stiffer as compared to SBS. The top and reverse sides of this board may be coated with mineral or synthetic pigments. As the bleached chemical pulp layer is translucent the reverse side of the board appears cream (or manila) in colour. However, if the mechanical pulp in the middle layers is given a mild chemical treatment, it becomes lighter in colour and this makes the reverse side colour lighter in shade.

The reverse side layer may be coated with a white mineral pigment coating, thus becoming a white back folding box board. Similar to SBS, FBB is produced from virgin fibres and is suitable for food packaging applications. It is considered ideal for cigarettes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and graphical applications. In India FBB is the primary grade of packaging substrate used by most of the companies.

Solid unbleached board (SUB / CUK)

Exclusively made from unbleached chemical pulp, SUB is brown in colour. It can be coated with a white mineral pigment coating in order to make the surface white. Some part of unbleached chemical pulp may be replaced with recycled fibres. SUB is used where there is a high strength requirement in terms of puncture and tear resistance and good wet strength is required such as for bottle or as a base for liquid packaging.