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The recycled boards are thinner as they have a lower gsm :caliper ratio as compared to the virgin boards.

White lined chipboard (WLC) (white back board / grey back board)

Coated recycled board, grey back or duplex board.

WLC is widely used and manufactured board worldwide.

White lined chipboard, also referred to as: WLC, GD, GT or UD, is a grade of paperboard typically made from layers of waste paper or recycled fibers.

It is also known as coated recycled board, grey back or duplex board. It comprises of 60-100% recycled fibres distributed across different layers.

Most often it comes with two to three layers of coating on the top and one layer on the reverse side. Because of its recycled content it will be grey from the inside.

The main enduse for this type of board is for packaging of frozen or chilled food, cereals, shoes, toys and others.

WLC construction:

  • Two or three coating layers
  • Pulp or white recovered fiber
  • Recovered fibre underliner
  • One or more layers of mixed and/or recovered fiber
  • Pulp or white recovered fiber
  • Back Coating

The middle plies, which are grey in colour, are made of recycled pulp recovered from mixed papers or carton waste. The top layer of bleached chemical pulp is coated with white mineral pigment. The layers between middle layer and top layer may comprise of bleached chemical pulp or mechanical pulp. The external appearance may be white by the use of bleached chemical pulp and, possibly, a white mineral pigment coating. The surface brightness of WLC is 80 to 85% ISO.

Duplex board is a cheaper version of white board; it also provides different textures for printing. It is mainly used in food packaging as recycled materials cannot be used for this purpose. The surface brightness is 70 to 85% ISO.